Working Out And Staying Fit With Mark Mcilyar's " Abs After 40 " Program

Mark Mcilyar unique abs after 40 program gained popularity fast after he successfully transformed his belly fat to hard cute abs within a few years. Most men over 40 struggle with protruding belly fat and an overall increase in fat distribution. Achieving abs becomes harder and harder every passing day and while there are various reasons to blame, it is usually a result of one or two major culprits. Abs is developed through specific workouts and nutrition. However, testosterone level has always been an underlying factor in gaining male characteristics. Mark determined that men over 40 find it very difficult to gain abs and get a perfect shape for the following reasons;

• They have lower testosterone levels which is a natural result of aging among men
• Men over 40 have less time to work out as they are responsible for many other things hence tight schedules.
• Men over 40 experience reduction in energy and are subjects of increased stress and worn out muscles and joints.
• Wrong workouts and poor nutrition are also other notable reasons for poor shape

What's Abs After 40 Work Out Program?

abs after 40 reviewAbs after 40 is a comprehensive program that includes nutrition, workouts and unique schedules to help men above 40 work out efficiently and effectively. It is intended to help men develop perfect body shapes that include limited fat and more lean muscle. Other benefits of the program include increased energy and testosterone using nutrition and workout. The program is available at $197 but is currently offered at $97 for the first 500 men to purchase it. It was developed by Mark Mcilyar from his personal journal where he recorded all the elements that lead him from belly fat protrusion to his current tanned ab.

Reasons why working out is so difficult for men over 40 As aforementioned, men above 40 years have more responsibilities and this naturally causes more stress. They also have limited time and opportunities to workout. What’s more, aging results in reduced energy and a lowered testosterone. They are also less motivated to work out and gain abs.

This Is What The Abs After 40 Program Includes

This program mainly includes a workout plan with several easy to achieve exercises and maneuvers that will increase testosterone level while burning excess fat. It also includes a nutrition plan that delivers the essential testosterone nutrients and compounds needed for healthy body. It is a 60 day trail/money back guarantee program to help men over 40 loose extra fat and optimize their hormones.

Pros Of Having Abs At 40 With The Program
• Increased testosterone
• Increased energy levels and immunity
• Improved blood circulation
• Fat loss and lean muscle gain
• Better shape

Disadvantages Of The Program
• The abs after 40 cost is arguably expensive since you have to purchase the items in the nutrition plan and achieve the maneuvers alone besides paying for the program.
• There is no guarantee for immediate results as fat loss/gain is influenced by many other things. Protruding belly for instance will leave loose hanging skin that requires removal after slimming. Nonetheless, there is a 60 day money back guarantee offer within which you can use the program to find out whether it delivers desirable results.